• The world fastest qPCR ever with microfluidic core.


  • Mission

    BforCure is a multidisciplinary biotech company that innovates in portable biodetection

    through Microfluidics achieving very high speed and accurate quantitative PCR.









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  • CHRONOS - the fastest qPCR EVER!

    A revolutionary portable biodetection platform for all of research applications.


    It delivers in less than 6 minutes with state of the art sensitivity and accuracy performance.

  • Our expertise

    BforCure team gathers experts in microfluidics, molecular biology, microbiology, advanced mechanical design, thermal management, electrical engineering, system engineering, bioinformatics, software, etc... to solve the most challenging problems of bio-detection. Based on the patented Fastgene technology, our first products use quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) to achieve ultra-fast, ultra -sensitive multiplex assays.

  • An innovative company

    BforCure technology won the "Laureate of the World Innovation 2030 Challenge" for innovative ideas and technologies.

    It was awarded a €8M funding by the French General Secretary for investment to become a “future potential world leader of the medical diagnostic market based on microfluidic technologies”.

  • Partnerships

    If you want to be part of the next revolution of diagnostics, please contact us at contact@bforcure.com, we are always open to new fruitful partnerships.

  • Management

    An association of experienced entrepreneurs

    Maël LE BERRE, PhD


    Georges SALEM, MD


    Christophe PANNETIER, PhD


    Cyril CERVEAU

    General Manager

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