BforCure provides end-to-end integration of biosensing solutions
based on the innovative disruptive BforCure biosensing platform.



BforCure team is committed to prevent biological hazards by biosensing in order to reduce health impacts and unnecessary use of hazardous chemical and antibiotic treatments. We believe that the best service, best user experience, and appropriate prices are the keys to the successful adoption of a solution. To ensure that you are able to receive the full benefit of our high-performance technology, we have an expert team of product and service engineers dedicated to optimize operational costs and operational efficiency.



Protecting people from biological warfare agents

Analyze and monitor the presence of bioterrorism agents: BforCure develops innovative devices to detect and identify the presence of threatening microorganisms directly on the field, with an unprecedented speed and a very high sensitivity.



Protecting people and processes from bio-contaminations

Analyze and monitor the presence of bio-contaminants or pathogenic microorganisms: In industrial environments as well as in nature, microorganisms lead to operating loss and health dangers. BforCure develops custom devices and solutions to detect, identify and monitor on-site the presence or the absence of microorganisms of interest. Design and deploy a turnkey solution perfectly adapted to your operational context is our commitment.


Medical & Veterinary Diagnosis

Diagnose earlier advanced biomarkers

Identify and quantify the presence or absence of pathogenic microorganisms as well as panels of biomarquers and/or genetic characteristics in few minutes and with a high accuracy is our expertise. We collaborate with pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to develop Point of Care devices, companion diagnostics and high accuracy detection reagents for biomarker panels.



Become research partners.

BforCure is fully open to research collaborations with academics and private companies all over the world. If you need an industrial partner or want to be a partner in collaborative grants (H2020 & Horizon Europe, ANR, etc.), you are welcome to contact us here.