Our corporate culture

Entrepreneurs at heart who cultivate smartness, surpassing oneself and have a taste for helping their neighbor feel good and become better.

What is the culture?
With its technological core at the crossroads of software, hardware and molecular biology, BforCure places its organization in the modern vision of Industry 4.0 and Teslism.
The team is multicultural, made up of enthusiasts, united and committed in revolutionizing the field of biodetection.
Engaging with BforCure means giving the best, surrounded by colleagues who apply their know-how rigorously and excel in an environment of international excellence framed by benevolent management where respect and mutual assistance reign.
Engaging with BforCure means being an actor driven by the idea of moving the standard, up to the highest technological and scientific ambitions.
Keep just enough ego to be proud and motivated, the rest is “team spirit”!


Team Leaders

Maël Le Berre


Internationally-recognized researcher and engineer, Maël Le Berre is an entrepreneur and co-founder of several innovative companies in the microfluidic and biotechnology fields (Elvesys, 4DCell, Cherrybiotech, etc).

Christophe Pannetier


PhD in immunology, Chief Engineer of Armament, former chief of CBRN departments in the public and private sectors, Christophe Pannetier is co-founder of several companies.

Cyril Cerveau


MSc in biology and MSc in management of innovation, Cyril Cerveau is an entrepreneur experienced in talent recruitment activities, and co-founder of an innovative biotechnology company (4Dcell).

Emilie Broussoux


Emilie Broussoux specializes in the management of innovative companies. She has been part of the establishment of several biotechnology companies (Elvesys, 4DCell, Cherrybiotech, etc).

Contact us

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14 rue de la Beaune
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