A concentrate of technology

The design of Chronos combines FASTGENE™ technology and High Content PCR technology (hcPCR™) to push PCR performances to an unprecedented level.




14 min

SARS-CoV2 kit

> 16

sample/hour throughput

Chronos™ is designed to reveal the finest details of PCR.

Chronos thermocycler

The fastest Real-Time PCR ever!

Ananke software

Ananke software can connect to any chronos to run PCR or retrieve data


Distant control

Ananke™ connects to Chronos™ apparatuses through an internet connection.
The software can be installed either locally on a laptop connected to chronos with an ethernet cable or distantly by using the network or the wifi.


Data analysis

Ananke™ includes all data analysis tools needed to interpret PCR results.


Continuous improvement

Our software engineering team is continuously improving the software: a lot of new features will come in the future. We are attentive to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions!



Ananke™ is compatible with Linux and Windows 10.

PCR Chips

Quality single use Chronos chips ensure best PCR results at high speed.


Design for speed

The aluminium back side of all our chip and low profile of PCR chambers
ensures optimal heat transfer, temperature stabilization speed and
temperature homogeneity.


Design for simplicity

Chips include a protective film avoiding contamination of the reaction chambers before use and a sealing film prepositioned on the chip for maximum safety and simplicity of use.


PCR volumes

Chronos™ chip are available in several volume format 10 μL, 20 μL, 25 μL


Chip format

Chronos™ chip are available in single chamber or 4 chamber format.

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