More flexibility for PCR tests with Bfast kits unit packaging!


Our Bfast range of CE-IVD reagent packs contain everything you need to perform 25 single PCR tests for various infectious diseases. They deliver accurate diagnostic results in 15 minutes only*!


Why opt for unit packaging?

The unit format of the PCR reagent packs meets the different needs of medical laboratories:

  • Analyze biological samples very quickly, while maintaining a high throughput and without disrupting the flow
  • Easily confirm a result in case of doubt (e.g. suspicion of cross-contamination), without having to test the whole plate again
  • Easily relocate the laboratory as close as possible to the needs of health professionals and patients, particularly in emergency or pandemic situations


Why choose Bfast unit tests?

Bfast reagent packs offer many advantages for ultra-fast PCR testing:

  • simplicity: 1 tube of lysis buffer and 1 tube of PCR mix allows 1 test to be performed
  • speed: when used with the Chronos Dx platform, the kits can deliver a PCR test result in 15 minutes*!
  • practicality: the packs contain all the material needed to perform the tests, except for the pipettes and cones
  • safety: a tube is designed to perform a single test in order to avoid the transfer of contaminants between two tests
  • reliability: each tube contains exactly the volume of reagent required for one analysis, which eliminates the need for aliquoting and reduces the risk of error
  • stability: as each PCR mix tube is used only once, it is not necessary to thaw and refreeze all the reagents each time, which ensures their stability over time
  • flexibility: the small size of the packaging allows the quantity of analyses to be modulated according to needs (peak periods/epidemics), despite a low storage capacity at the test site


Thanks to the unit packaging of Bfast tests, medical biology laboratories can deal with emergencies by relocating their practices as close as possible to the needs of patients, without disrupting their organisation.

* e.g. 15 minutes for Bfast [SARS-CoV-2] RT-PCR kit and 17 minutes for Bfast [GBS] PCR pack

Author: Juliette

Date: 22 June 2022

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