Infectious diseases are the leading cause of death in the world


Infectious diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. The prevalence of these diseases is likely to increase sharply in the coming years, due to globalisation, increased human movements, climate change and the growth of antibiotic resistance.

The analyses carried out in medical biology laboratories to detect these contagious diseases make it possible to establish a precise diagnosis of the incriminated pathogen, but the procedure for doing so is sometimes tedious and it often takes a long time to obtain the results.

To meet this need for efficiency and speed, BforCure has designed an innovative solution that enables ultra-fast PCR tests to be performed on a wide range of infectious diseases (respiratory, digestive, sexually transmitted).

Chronos Dx mobile platform and the associated Bfast reagent kits are the result of an ambitious R&D programme. They allow to get a reliable PCR diagnostic result in less than 15 minutes!

This cutting-edge technology, easy to use and relocatable, can be used as close as possible to the needs of patients and health professionals, in order to support more preventive and personalised medicine!

Author: Juliette

Date: 12 May 2022

Category: Organic

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