The Bfast "respiratory panel" kit obtains CE-IVD* marking!


Usable on Chronos™ Dx platform with results available in 14 minutes, Bfast [Flu A/Flu B - SARS-CoV-2] RT-PCR kit detects the 3 main viruses responsible for respiratory infections in a single test.

Respiratory diseases can present clinical symptoms that are often uncharacteristic of a single pathogen. Our Bfast "respiratory panel" kit makes it possible to identify the microorganism responsible for the pathology in record time and in a single nasopharyngeal sample, which is time-saving in the management of the patient.


Return of the flu in winter 2022


Although the summer period marks a general lull in the prevalence of respiratory infectious diseases, the coming autumn and winter are likely to put extra strain on our bodies.

Indeed, the strong protection we have had in place over the past few years against Covid-19 has been successful in limiting the spread of the pandemic. Nevertheless, it has probably not allowed us to develop our immune defences sufficiently and has made us potentially more vulnerable to pathogens.

The solutions developed by BforCure's teams to diagnose respiratory infections are based on a combination of advanced microfluidic and optical technologies, as well as sophisticated algorithms. They allow for extremely fast delivery of PCR results.


Respiratory infections, a major public health issue


Seasonal flu, COVID-19 and more generally respiratory viruses, are the main causes of contagious infections diagnosed during the winter. They affect millions of people each year (2 to 6 million people for flu alone in France, according to Santé Publique France)1. They are transmitted through virus-laden droplets when coughing, sneezing or spitting, or through contact, either directly from the hands or via contaminated objects.

These diseases, which are often not very dangerous for healthy people, can lead to severe or even fatal lung infections for frail patientssuch as the elderly, those with co-morbidities, pregnant women and infants. They can also aggravate an existing chronic disease.


N.B. This kit is also available in a 48-well reaction format (Bfast [Flu A/Flu B/SARS-CoV-2] RT-PCR kit - 48), optimised for medical laboratories with automated tools and dedicated to large volumes of analyses.


*The CE marking of an in vitro diagnostic medical device guarantees that the product complies with the essential requirements of Directive 98/79/EC, in force since 7 December 2003. This regulatory framework sets out the safety, performance and reliability rules with which manufacturers must comply in order to sell their product in the European Union.

1. Santé Publique France

Author: Juliette

Date: 29 June 2022

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