The Chronos Dx platform operates as an open system with a wide range of (RT)-PCR reagents


Because we want all medical analysis laboratories, both in the city and in the hospital, to be able to benefit from the performance of the Chronos™ Dx and deliver biological diagnostic results in minutes, we have designed our platform to be "open" to various commercially available PCR kits and reagents manufactured by companies other than BforCure.

With this solution, medical laboratories don't need to change their habits and protocols. Thus their organisation as well as the management of the flow of biological samples for analysis are not disrupted.

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Why choose the Chronos Dx platform?


Chronos Dx is a mobile, connected and easy-to-use tool that delivers single and multiplex (RT)-PCR results in a few minutes!

Its compatibility with many validated detection kits, including those designed by external companies, allows medical laboratories to :

  • Test biological samples in an emergency and for a wide range of infectious diseases, while maintaining a high throughput and without disrupting the laboratory's organisation.
  • Obtain results very quickly in order to speed up diagnosis and patient management.
  • Confirm test results individually, if cross-contamination is suspected, without having to run the whole test plate again.

The great adaptability of Chronos Dx platform to external reagents provides an effective response to medical laboratories in the fight against infectious diseases and the risk of pandemics.

Author: Juliette

Date: 29 June 2022

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