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BforCure designs, manufactures and implements advanced innovative biosensing solutions for health care diagnosis and industrial applications. The company was founded in 2018 to revolutionize bio-detection technologies, with the ultimate goal of making the planet a safer place regarding biothreats.

Equipe BforCure



Maël Le Berre - CEO

Internationally-recognized researcher and engineer, Maël Le Berre is an entrepreneur and co-founder of several innovative companies in the microfluidic and biotechnology fields (Elvesys, 4DCell, Cherrybiotech, etc). 


Christophe Pannetier - CSO

PhD in immunology, Chief Engineer of Armament, former chief of CBRN departments in the public and private sectors, Christophe Pannetier is co-founder of several companies.

Cyril CERVEAU Marketing director

Cyril Cerveau - CHRO

MSc in biology and MSc in management of innovation, Cyril Cerveau is an entrepreneur experienced in talent recruitment activities, and co-founder of an innovative biotechnology company (4Dcell). 

Emilie Broussoux Chief Finance Officer

Emilie Broussoux - CFO

Emilie Broussoux specializes in the management of innovative companies. She has been part of the establishment of several biotechnology companies (Elvesys, 4DCell, Cherrybiotech, etc). 



BforCure technology won the “Laureate of the World Innovation 2030 Challenge” for innovative ideas and technologies.It was awarded a €8M funding by the French General Secretary for investment to become a “future potential world leader of the medical diagnostic market based on microfluidic technologies”.


If you want to be part of the next revolution in diagnostics