Bring Speed, Precision, Mobility & Connectivity to PCRst real-time PCR


FASTGENE™ The fastest real-time PCR EVER!

FASTGENE™ is a microfluidic-based temperature control engine allowing ultra-fast temperature changes. Applied to the well-established Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), the FASTGENE™ technology can deliver a genetic analysis of a regular volume sample in less than 5 minutes with state-of-the-art sensitivity and accuracy.


FASTPREP™ Fast, high sensitivity microfluidic pretreatment

Microfluidic FASTPREP™ technology concentrates bacteria or extract nucleic acids from a liquid sample prior to high sensitivity analysis in a few minutes.


ZEUS™ Sample processing automation

ZEUS™ robots allow a versatile automation of sample processing in combination with other
BforCure products such as CHRONOS™ .



HIGH CONTENT PCR™ Large and quantitative panels in conventional PCR reagents

HIGH CONTENT PCR or hcPCR™ is an analytical real-time PCR technology, which enables making quantitative and highly multiplex assays by using conventional PCR reagents. By utilizing characteristic temporal signatures of fluorescent probes, hcPCR™ can extract several individual RT-PCR curves corresponding to various targets from the signal of a single fluorescence channel. Several targets per channel can be identified this way without using melting curve analysis and with a real Ct value. Combined with FASTGENE™ technology, hcPCR™ enables to build quantitative diagnostic tests on panels with a fast time to result.


MOLECULAR PETRI DISH™ Overcome petri dish power in minutes

The MOLECULAR PETRI DISH technology takes the best of PCR and petri dishes technologies creating a tool allowing to characterize populations of microorganisms.


ORTHOLIGO™ The ultimate multiplex PCR design software

BforCure uses a proprietary software to design PCR reagents optimizing simultaneously multiplexing, speed, sensitivity and specificity. ORTHOLIGO™ uses innovative algorithms and design strategies not found in any other design software to find the best solution.



GAIA™ PCR on the cloud

BforCure GAIA™ cloud service gather data from BforCure apparatuses and offers various global data visualization tools dedicated to each experts: Quality surveillance of diagnostic tests for quality experts and biologists, Distant predictive maintenance for after sales services, Fleet operation tracking and usage statistics for buyers, Advanced analytical tools for R&D experts, Epidemiologic surveillance for health institutions, etc.


ANANKE™ Controls BforCure apparatus

ANANKE™ is the proprietary IoT framework implemented on all BforCure apparatuses. ANANKETM allows distant connection to all apparatuses with possibilities of validation processes for a delocalized usage.

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